What's New is a national chain of retail stores in Australia specialising in the sale of Gifts, Novelties and Licensed Merchandise, inclusive of AFL Products, Holden, Ford, Playboy, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels. We also sell a range of Memorabilia inclusive of  Music, Film and Sporting Legends.

Our product range has enormous breadth and depth of gifts for every occasion. Inclusive to this is Birthday Related Gifts, Hen's Night Product, Fun Adult Product, Wedding, Drinking Product, Lighting and Collectables. There is a gift to be found for almost every occasion.


The retail chain originally was founded as a tobacconist-barber shop. Sometime later, a wholesale operation in Melbourne was launched and expanded. It was in 1959, that the last of the three retail stores were closed, due to the growth of the wholesale division of the business. For the next 16 years, the company operated as a wholesaler located in Collingwood in Melbourne, Victoria.

It was in 1975 when the gift and cigarette stores began to open. This style of business proved to be a successful combination and during the next decade, the retail chain grew rapidly.

In 1979, the concept of franchising evolved and the "Smokes n' Things" franchise commenced. This was a combination of general gift and tobacco products.

The years that followed, saw a shift in the retail domain. The cigarette industry was becoming less desirable in the retail sector which saw the removal of tobacco and related products from the stores. An increased focus on gifts and novelties emerged, which defines who and what we are today.

In 1979,the first What's New Franchise was opened at Waverley Gardens in Victoria. In 1988 the first interstate store was opened in Townsville, Queensland.

For over 30 years the growth and development of the franchise has taken place.

It was in 2010, we saw a significant change to the Franchise.  A team of new ownership emerged and successfully bought the What's New Franchise.

Proudly, the franchise is owned and managed by What's New Enterprises Pty Ltd. ACN. 14 390 003.  ABN  36 145 390 003.

The new restructure saw the Franchise develop into a retail chain with an inner strength to respond to the retail climate quickly.

What's New Enterprises Pty Ltd, has been able to demonstrate a desire to strengthen the brand as we know it today. It is able to demonstrate that we continue to be at the forefront of the gift, novelty industry.

In todays market we are able to strengthen our group purchasing, implement modern store layouts, and expand our marketing strategies, which undoubtedly will continue to enhance the brand of What's New in the years to come. We are continually sourcing new products both within Australia and Internationally.


Should you choose to join the What's New Franchise you will be surrounded by an experienced team of Franchisors who are also Franchisees.  We are locally owned and operated. We are a National Company with a local heart.  

What's New is a fun, dynamic store in which to shop. We pride ourselves in being directly involved with a hands on approach. We strive for excellence in customer service, endeavouring to provide the right gift for that special occasion.

What's New looks to the future with enormous potential. If you would like to know more about What's New in 2012 and beyond, then please contact us direct on this website. We are easily contactable should you wish to find out more information regarding franchising opportunities.